One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact.

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Find Axel Tips

Find Axel Worksheet

These were sent to me by Christina Shiebler.  Christina and her family have been actively searching for Axel since 11/17/06.    Thank You!

Have you seen Axel? 

He’s been missing since 11/17/06 from Park City, UT.

Have you seen Axel?


Have you seen Gibson?

He’s been missing since 9/2/07 from Dexter, MI.



Have you seen Peachie?

She was stolen on 9/30/06 from Spring, TX.



Have you seen Coco?

She’s been missing since 1/9/06 from Long Pond, PA.



Have you seen Drew?

He’s been missing since 9/20/05 from the Torrance, CA area.



Have you seen Emma Jewel?

She’s been missing since 1/26/02 from the New Haven, MO area.



Have you seen Josie?

She went missing while on transport on 7/1/06 from the Ashtabula, OH area.



Have you seen Mattie?

He was stolen on 11/7/06 from the St. Louis, MO area.


Have you seen Sweetie?

She was stolen on 8/23/06 from Brentwood, TN.



They were taken together January 29th, 2006, from Montcalm county in Michigan, by a neighbor who is an over the road truck driver. We believe them to have been dumped off possibly in the Deerfield Michigan area/Ohio border. This is just a rough estimate. We believe their collars were removed before they were dumped. I have done everything in my power to locate them and at this time, have no more ideas.

I believe they were probably taken in by someone who has no idea they are stolen, but none the less want them returned. These two are a big part of my family and just letting them go is not an option!

I am offering a $600.00 Reward for their safe return or information that leads me to them. I can be reached at 1-616-894-6741 or rssooy@charter.net.                                   

             th_manford.jpg                                      th_sasha3.jpg

Manford is a neutered 7 year old German Shepherd, with a mole on his lower eyelid. (does not obstruct his view). Sasha is a 5 year old female Siberian Husky, pure bred with both blue eyes.

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