One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact.


            ~One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact.~

This website is all about these poor missing furkids missing their families and the guardians that are missing them.  I cannot imagine the pain and heartache…

Our goal is to have a caring network of animal lovers offering support to those missing their furkids. Support can be in the way of helping to hang posters/signs, being part of a search party, sending emails to local shelters/humane societies or offering words of hope.

These poor lost souls depend on caring people to spread the word about them. I know time is short for everyone and there are many demands in our lives. All I’m asking is for any time that you can spare. Just send an email or two to someone that you know that lives/works in the area where one of these poor babies has gone missing. It’s just that simple. One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact. We can make a difference. Please help these poor babies find their way home!


One Response to “About”

  1. Jeanette said

    Omigosh – Look at this Place! This is wonderful. I haven’t found it until now – I see you are taking them off all of the sites. All the sites are wonderful – yet horrible – ecause someone looking for their pet can’t possibly check all of them. Iam going to tell everyone about this wonderful site. Thanks for all you do. Im signing up!

    Hate to be self-serving – :), please keep an eye out for a just gorgeous chocolate lab – neutered, 3 years old- used to be obedience trained. Been missing over 1 1/2 year. I can id. He’s supposed to be over 85 pounds.

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