One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact.

THREE CHEERS for Horton! Safe at home!

Posted by missingpetsnetwork on May 11, 2008

Horton went missing 4/26/08 from Mason, TN.  We’re so happy for you Horton!

Dog Mason Tennessee


Case Closed  


Horton is safe at home. How:
“We went back out there for two days in a row (two-and-a-half hours away!), and set and baited a Hav-a-Heart trap with smelly food and a toy he was familiar with, wrapped the trap with a towel that had his previous owner’s scent on it and covered that whole thing with a plastic garbage bag so he would have some shelter if he went in there. The first night the trap was set, we had a possum in there the next morning (that was the third day since he had been lost), but that day we kept checking it, and baited it with both smelly Vienna sausages and food he was familiar with–as well as scattering bits of that food around the trap and leading up to and into it–and late in that afternoon, he was in the trap. I put “less than 1 mile away” in your next question, because he was still in the area where he had been lost–even though THAT was hours away from his foster home, or from the home he was going to. He is now safe in his new home.”


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