One missing furkid…one simple email…one huge impact.

WOOHOO!!! Safe at home!

Posted by missingpetsnetwork on April 21, 2008

Sargent was stolen on 4/8/08 from Middle Village, NY.  We’re so happy for you Sarg!

 Mastiff Middle Village New York


Case Closed  


Sargent is safe at home. How:
“Sarg is safe and sound again after being stolen “We have Sarg! I am sooo happy!!!” Sargent is the Mastiff that was stolen out of a vehicle on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village, Queens, NY earlier this week. Sargent was spotted at 61st and Eliot Avenue earlier in the day yesterday, the girls went down there last night, and drove around in All Faiths Cemetery (on Eliot Avenue) for a bit. Just when they were about to leave and call it a night, they spotted a hole in the fence and decided to look through. Jennifer spotted Sargent in the distance; she yelled out for him. At first he looked scared and was about to run off, but when he realized it was Jennifer he ran right into her arms! Sargent is now back home, safe and sound. HOORAY FOR SARGENT.. AND GOOD WORK JENN! “


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