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Good Morning Animal Lovers!

Posted by missingpetsnetwork on January 20, 2008

Please take some time to visit these 2 great websites.  There are great articles and lots of useful information to be found.  What a great way to help lost pets in your own community.

While I have 677 dogs and 3 cats posted here on my blog, I have not even scratched the surface.  Browse around on Lost and Pound and Dog Detective and you’ll see just how many poor lost souls need to find their way home.  Please, please, please sign up on both websites!

As always, please feel free to send me an email with any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions.

Shelter Buds

Grace Flynn

Bourbonnais, IL

~Volunteering Via Email~


Have you signed up for Lost Pet Alerts?  It’s free and easy…

Lostandpound.com Lostandpound.com


Have you signed up for Lost Dog Alerts?  It’s free and easy…

Dog Detective - Lost a dog? Found a dog?  We can help.



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