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LOST Belgian Tervuren – Iowa City, IA 8/31/07

Posted by missingpetsnetwork on September 1, 2007

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M. Shirley Chong’s service dog slipped his collar and escaped while she was undergoing surgery in Iowa City yesterday (August 31).  Hunter is an intact male, 9-year-old Belgian Tervuren, reddish fawn in color, with a fair amount of blackening, and weighing approximately 60 lbs.  His face is sprinkled with grey, and he’s got a mild ear infection in his left ear, plus he’s blowing his coat.  For those unfamiliar with the breed, the appearance is similar to a Collie/German Shepherd cross or a long-haired German Shepherd.

He was spotted at City High School at around 2 p.m., and there were several sightings in the same general area between 2:30 and 4:45.  This is fairly close to Shirley’s parents on Rochester Court (where he was supposed to be staying), but it is possible that he will decide to travel back towards Grinnell, IA.

A picture can be seen at
http://www.shirleyc hong.com/ camps/belgian/ belgian_sun. html (scroll
down).  Hunter is tattooed and microchipped.

If you see Hunter, please call 319-351-3105.  He is friendly, but he may not be cooperative about being caught.

(Shirley is a clicker trainer and runs the clicker list I’m on). Any help will be so appreciated.

Sandy in St Louis
www.wingedwoman. com
www.classicalcoffee .bizhosting. com
izziem on ebay



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