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LOST Shepherd Mix – Asbury, NJ/Easton, PA area

Posted by missingpetsnetwork on July 7, 2007

If you know someone that lives/works in this area, please tell them about Lady.  Thank You!

Shelter Buds
Grace Flynn
Bourbonnais, IL
“Volunteering Via Email” 

Please be aware that the MS means Multiple Sclerosis – NOT Mississippi


 We are begging and pleading to everyone reading this e-mail to PLEASE help us find Lady, a missing MS companion dog.  Ask everyone on your list to cross-post and cross-post and cross-post.  In addition, there is an official notice and article attached to this e-mail to pass on.  Lady’s owner developed MS to the point where she was committed to a nursing home, having to give up Lady.  In the meantime, the caregiver became annoyed with Lady’s depression and being in a shell, that he was going to shoot her.  This happened several weeks ago and after a horrible transport, Lady eventually went into foster care with a wonderful foster mom.  She was adopted to a family who, by all accounts, convinced the foster that they understood her depression and would work with her to get her out of her shell.  From there it was all downhill and the adoptive family wanted to give her back because they could no longer deal with a dog “in a shell” and no lively personality.  Lady bolted out the front door last week and hasn’t been seen since.   She is approximately 60 lb., wearing an aztec-print, multi-colored collar along with a rabies tag and a bright pink, heart-shaped ID tag from Far Point Collie Rescue.   Animal communicators have been contacted and, believe me, there is much more detail to Lady’s story and so much has been done to try to find her.  She has been through so much and is so deserving of a much better life and love (as all dogs are).  WE NEED YOUR HELP.   REWARD OFFERED!   The adoptive home is in Asbury, NJ JUST BEYOND EASTON, PA.  Here are some suggestions where you could help find her.  PLEASE E-MAIL THIS HUMAN INTEREST STORY, ALONG WITH THE PICTURE TO:

Any and all newspapers in the area asking them to publish this human interest story along with her picture

Any church in this Asbury/Easton area,

All MS support groups

Post offices

AA groups

Scout groups

Thank you so very much for your support.  If you have any leads, please call 570-374-2742, 570-847-9459, 570-524-7778; 717-432-0081 or 717-439-2216



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